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Now offers a Complete, Cost-effective, Turnkey Retirement Solution for clients.

As a client of [ADVISOR NAME], you would have the opportunity to provide your employees with a new kind of retirement solution. This robust solution helps take the heavy lift of daily administration off your plate giving you the time back to focus on what is most important, building your business.

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*Membership with the [Program] is required to participate in the Manufacturers Retirement & Savings Plan.

A retirement plan solution designed specifically for members of the [Program Name]

Being part of pooled employer plan, you can help your employees maximize their potential for retirement planning. This plan is designed to help save time and simplify plan administration for your company. By participating in the [Program Name] Retirement Plan you gain the expertise, knowledge, and capabilities from a team of dedicated professionals to reduce your fiduciary risk all while helping participants pursue the retirement they deserve

Attract & retain

A retirement plan solution to help attract & retain top talent

Employers are turning to offering a retirement plan to help improve workforce retention and productivity. Current employee retention and attracting new talent are two important reasons organizations offer retirement plans.

[Program Name] is dedicated to helping particpants live their best life while saving for retirement. That’s why they’ve chosen Transamerica to provide a robust participant experience for those participating in the program. With Transamerica, your employees will have access to an extensive array of onboarding services and educational resources.

Participant Experience

Transamerica helps personalize the experience for employees right from the start.

Driving Participant Success

The Transamerica participant experience is designed to help people understand if their savings and investment strategy is in line with their retirement goals. It starts with enrollment and continues with personalized communications and financial education showing participants how they can improve their retirement readiness.

An easy-to-understand forecast generated by the underlying methodology provided by Morningstar. Using simple weather icons, it shows participants if their current investment strategy is likely to produce the income they’re seeking in retirement and offers steps to improve their chances of achieving their goals. Your Retirement Outlook® is featured prominently on the participant website, mobile app, and quarterly statements.

Let the mep work for your business

Removes Pressure

Takes pressure off your internal administrative resources and allows you to use those resources elsewhere

Investment Management Support

Uses an efficient investment selection process with an all zero-revenue investment lineup from an investment professional.

Plan Design

Streamlines key plan design features, leveraging best practices

Work with Administration Professionals

Outsources administration responsibility to [TPA] and their administrative professionals

More Advantages

5 More Member Advantages the [Program Name] Retirement Solution offers.

We Make It Simple

Employers don’t want to be 401(k)/403(b) experts. [TPA] oversees plan set-up, implementation, monitoring, enrollment, and other duties.

Fiduciary Protection

Employers don’t want to be at risk. By shifting administrative and certain named fiduciary duties employers can mitigate most defined legal obligations and responsibilities.


Employers don’t want fines or penalties. [TPA} processes are developed to administer plans to be DOL and IRS compliant.

Well Known Providers

Employers want to work with industry leaders. The [Program Name] combines industry-leading professional service providers for “end to end” retirement plan oversight, including robust tools and resources for employees.

Cost Effective

Employers don’t want to overpay. The [Program Name] Retirement Plan is built on a pooled pricing model and often costs less than other programs offering fewer comprehensive services.

Key Partnerships

The collective team is committed to helping you by managing retirement plan responsibilities:

[Program Name]

[Program Description]

This the description of the company or association we are co-branding with.

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A third-party administrator (TPA) is an organization that handles certain administrative responsibilities for other organizations. TPAs typically take on claims administration, loss control, risk management, and retirement plan administration.

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Transamerica is an industry leading recordkeeper with over 20 years of experience with pooled arrangements. Their time-tested recordkeeping technology offers a proven infrastructure allowing for pooled arrangements, ensuring a plan will be administered successfully and accurately for the plan participant’s transition to retirement.

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[Investment Manager]

As the named ERISA 3(38) Investment Fiduciary in the plan document, the Investment Manager is responsible for the selection and monitoring of the funds in the investment menu in accordance with the Investment Policy Statement for the plan. TAG Resources works with leading global providers of investment services staffed by research professionals, many of whom have
hands-on fund management experience and the human capital, technology, and experience to manage investment risk and return outcomes.

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[Financial Advisor]

Offering a qualified retirement plan and selecting the providers to run the plan is a fiduciary decision. The Financial Advisor plays a key role in helping you with the due diligence process and documentation of that process. Financial Advisors that offer the [Program Name] [401(k)/403(b)] are in tune with the complexity and liability of running a 401(k) Plan. Advisors that use the TAG Program look to reduce the administration duties and risk to you to the greatest degree possible, and at a cost that is competitive. In addition, many advisors offer services that will help increase participation, help with enrollment meetings, provide investment guidance and education for the plan participants, provide plan reviews on a regular basis, and suggest potential plan-design enhancements.

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